Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back

CHICAGO, Il. -- Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently announced that through its initiative, Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back, a portion of the proceeds of its recently held meeting in Marina del Rey, California has been given to the Emily Stillman Foundation.

Throughout the conference-from the opening Welcome Dinner, where Michael Stillman addressed the membership to the Saturday’s closing session-attendees enthusiastically supported this worthy organization. Even at the Association’s famous networking forum, the Triadic Tournament, members held an impromptu auction of movie memorabilia which raised thousands of dollars for the Foundation!

The Emily Stillman Foundation was named after the daughter of affiliate members, Michael and Alicia Stillman of Stillman Law Offices. Emily was a beautiful 19 year old college sophomore who passed away from Meningococcal Disease-Serogroup B. Emily donated six organs, saving five lives. The Foundation raises awareness for and encourages organ and tissue donation, while also educating about the disease, as well as all vaccine preventable diseases. The Foundation and the Stillmans advocate globally for all health and wellness issues and through their vaccination programs and partnerships with clinics, they ensure that vaccines are available to all people.

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