BREAKING: ED Cancels Contested Debt Collection Solicitation

The Department of Education (ED) just notified the Court of Federal Claims that it has completed its review of the contested solicitation for private debt collection services. They have cancelled the whole thing.

Here's what the notice says,

"The solicitation will be cancelled due to a substantial change in the requirements to perform collection and administrative resolution activities on defaulted Federal student loan debts. In the future, ED plans to significantly enhance its engagement at the 90-day delinquency mark in an effort to help borrowers more effectively manage their Federal student loan debt. ED expects these enhanced outreach efforts to reduce the volume of borrowers that default, improve customer service to delinquent borrowers, and lower overall delinquency levels. The current private collection agencies (PCA) under contract with ED have sufficient capacity to absorb the number of accounts expected to need debt collection services while the process for transitioning to the new approach is developed and implemented. Therefore, additional PCA contract work is not currently needed.

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