Both Sides Await Conference on Cross Motions for Appeal in Third Circuit RICO Case

Very early in 2018, a New Jersey District Court judge granted defendants’ motion to dismiss claims against them in the case of Winters, v. Jones, et. al, (Case No 2:16-cv-09020, U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey. insideARM first wrote about it when the case, which dropped many a jaw in the ARM community, was originally filed in December of 2016.

Nutshell re-cap

In case you missed the gist of the case, plaintiff and collection agency owner Winters and his class action co-plaintiffs accused some New Jersey law firms of scheming to solicit clients in order to file bogus class-action lawsuits, with the aim of seeking fast settlements from defendants interested in avoiding the expense and hassle of trial. A copy of the original complaint can be found here.

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