Kaulkin Ginsberg Announced its Next KG Prime Collaboration

GERMANTOWN, Md. - Kaulkin Ginsberg recently announced Ontario Systems as the newest addition to the network of strategic experts to its KG Prime program – Kaulkin Ginsberg’s members-only and comprehensive strategic information portal.  The portal provides tactical information to accounts receivable management (ARM) executives and investors amassed through its network of strategic experts

“We are collaborating with Kaulkin Ginsberg to provide executives with a vast library of easy-to-read explanations regarding the current climate of the compliance and regulatory industry,” said Rozanne Andersen, Chief Compliance Officer at Ontario Systems. “We believe our partnership will be extremely beneficial to members to aid them when making critical business decisions.”

“Regulatory and compliance information is critical to every business in our industry regardless of the services provided or the clients serviced. Without understanding and interpreting the rules, regulations, and challenges quickly and fully, your company could face significant legal challenges,” said Mike Ginsberg, president & CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg. “We are glad to be able to offer such thorough and reliable information to our members. Rozanne Andersen is an incredible asset to our program and we are thrilled to have her, and Ontario Systems’ involvement!”

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