Carrier Fined $40M For Delivering False Ring Tones

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that T-Mobile has agreed to pay a $40 million penalty to resolve claims that it failed to fix problems completing phone calls in rural areas and used false ring tones to give the impression that calls were actually getting through, when they were not.

According to the Consent Decree, FCC rules prohibit service providers from injecting false ring tones on any telephone calls. These false ring tones cause people to believe the phone is ringing at the called party's premesis when it is not. A caller may then hang up, thinking no one is available. False ring tones also create a misleading impression that a caller's service provider is not responsible if the call fails. False ring tones are a problem on calls to rural areas and are a symptom of the problems of impaired quality and completion of calls to rural areas.

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