Collection Boot Camp: Skip Tracing Guide (sponsored)

Since August of last year, PDCflow has partnered with the California Association of Collectors (CAC) to bring our readers in-depth advice on running a successful, compliant collection agency. The subjects, ranging from day-to-day operations such as telephone collection communications to high-level topics like creating collection settlement campaigns, first appeared as the curriculum of the CAC’s Collection Boot Camp courses. Our collaboration with the boot camp panel has allowed us to convert the material from three classes into a series of blog articles and downloadable guides.

This final installment of the series puts the last piece of the debt collection puzzle in place with a detailed guide on skip tracing. Learn from CAC President Kelly Parsons-O’Brien, CAC MAP attorney June Coleman, and CAC members Shawn Suhr and Courtney Reynaud the best practices, available tools and legal considerations tied to locating a debtor.

Parsons-O’Brien describes skip tracing as ”the art and science of compiling information on missing consumers for the purpose of locating them and collecting overdue accounts.” A few of the indications you have a “skip” — a missing debtor — are when a consumer’s mail is returned, their phone is disconnected, or when they have changed employers.

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