Are We Getting Better at Supporting Customers When Disaster Strikes?

With each major storm that moves through the U.S, I’ve thought about our customers, and how collection activity needs to be agile and sensitive enough to get it right and let customers know there’s a human decision maker behind the scenes, and we do care. In a prior role, my team was responsible for identifying storm-impacted zip codes, modifying our contact strategies (calls, emails, text, IM, etc.), sizing loss impacts, re-running forecasts and the like.

Every time an event occurred, we would go through the same process; asking each other the same series of questions. I bet the following sound familiar to many of you:

I was always proud of the team’s ability to rally and execute flawlessly, but I was admittedly frustrated that every time felt like the first time. Don’t be alarmed; we certainly had a set of standards, but it was a lot of heavy lifting and felt clunky. The nature, size and scale of every event is different, so having a playbook isn’t always realistic. Often we would be so taxed by responding to a weather event that when it was over, no one wanted to look back at what we had just been through to document best practices, or game plan short cuts for the next time. We always meant to, but generally, we would add the post mortem to the long list of things to get to, and go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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