LocateSmarter® and TEC Services Group, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – LocateSmarter LLC, a leading data and analytics company, and TEC Services Group, Inc. (TEC), a leading provider of analytics consulting services, announced today that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership. TEC clients can now access LocateSmarter’s skip tracing products through TEC’s REVEALDataWorks platform.

TEC’s REVEALDataWorks assists companies with data-driven analysis of third-party skip tracing products. Integrated with LocateSmarter and other data providers, TEC has the ability to run champion/challenger tests with little technical or analytical resources needed from the client. 

LocateSmarter also uses data-driven analysis to provide customizable skip trace solutions for companies in the accounts receivable management industry. Variables such as data sources, hit rate and cell-to-landline distribution can be managed at the portfolio level to provide the best return on investment.

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