17 Lawsuits Now Filed in Dept of ED Collection Contract, Chapter 2

Seventeen suits have so far been filed in the Court of Federal Claims in the matter of the Department of Education (ED) Private Collection Agency (PCA) contract. insideARM reported on February 13, 2018 that three suits had been filed. Since then, fourteen others have entered the fray. The Judge, Thomas Wheeler, has consolidated all of the suits into one case. This is the newest chapter in a story that began in 2014. The February 13 story provides a consolidated background.

The following companies have filed suit and were consolidated under FMS Investment Corp. et al., v. The United States and Performant Recovery, Inc., et al. as follows:

February 13:
1. FMS Investment Corp. (FMS)
2. Account Control Technology, Inc. (Account Control)
3. Transworld Systems, Inc. (TSI)
4. GC Services Limited Partnership (GC)
5. Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. (TGSLC)
6. The CBE Group, Inc. (CBE)

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