Stirling Capital Management to Become Stirling Capital Advisors

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Stirling Capital Management, LLC formally announced this week that the company will officially be changing its name to Stirling Capital Advisors.

Founder Edward S. Forbes explained that the new name would more appropriately reflect the evolving focus and direction of the company, adding, “Stirling Capital has established a well-respected advisory service that serves credit issuers with asset disposition needs, as well as select portfolio purchasers with new purchase opportunities and recovery management solutions. This change will reflect our expertise in these areas and that we are much more than simply a debt trading platform.” 

This is only the first of many changes to Stirling’s branding and marketing over the next few months” said Managing Member Michael P. Woodyshek. “We are also making changes to our existing buyer approval process, as well as making substantial investments in new technology and compliance monitoring systems. We have listened carefully to our Clients’ ever-changing needs and are working to deliver a best-in-class solution for the Receivables Management Industry.”

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