Are You Missing Value-Based Payments? Patient Experience Is Key

This article originally appeared on the Ontario Systems Blog. It is republished here with permission.

The 2016 InstaMed Trends in Healthcare Payments Report indicates 58% of patients polled wanted to pay their healthcare bills online, and 61% were interested in using mobile payment methods like Android or Apple Pay to pay their healthcare bill. In this day and age of electronic convenience, patients want more from their healthcare providers. And yet 86% of the same patients surveyed say they still receive their bills through the mail.

As value-based payments continue to grow, patient experience becomes key. How do you ensure each patient has the same experience as they communicate with your business office?  This can be difficult with disparate patient accounting systems and differences in quality measurement tools. Yet patients expect more, and providers need to provide the same conveniences other businesses do. To do so, you need to follow these three disciplines:

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