The ED Procurement Debacle: Decision Made?

Mike Ginsberg, president and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg Company, sat down with Randy Kamm, founder and principal of Collection Quotient Consulting, to discuss the debacle that was, and continues to be, the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) procurement process. To hear what Mike Ginsberg and Randy Kamm covered about this important and timely topic, listen to this two-part podcast available exclusively to KG Prime members. Log in or request your company code today!

Here are portions of their discussion:

Many people thought that ED would select more private collection agencies (PCAs), not fewer. The selection of just two PCAs probably has more to do with ED’s “New Generation” servicing initiative and new business model, which is taking a substantial amount of ED’s energy and focus. It appears that ED made a determination that the 11 restricted contracts, the 2 extension PCAs, the 2 unrestricted contractors announced last week in Windham Professionals and Performant Recovery (and their subcontractor network) can handle the capacity needs for the foreseeable future. They discussed why ED would add a larger number of large contractors at this point when their real priority is rethinking the servicing platform.

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