A Sudden Christmas Present for Defaulted Student Loan Borrowers?

Today the U.S. Court of Federal Claims held a status conference in the matter of Continental Service Group, Inc., et al., Plaintiffs, and Collection Technology, Inc., et al., Plaintiff-Intervenors v. The United States, Defendant, and CBE Group, Inc., et al., Defendant-Intervenors (case nos. 17-449, 17-499, 17-493, 17-517, 17-578, 17-588, 17-633 consolidated).

Just before Thanksgiving, the case was taken over by Judge Thomas C. Wheeler. He called for this session in order to gain clarity (if that’s possible), as he works to jump onto this moving train. Today’s conference was a study in who’s on first, with all trying to keep things straight. There were approximately 50 people in attendance; mostly attorneys for the many parties involved.

But... before we write about that, we need to fill you in on lots of activity that has taken place in just the last three days. 

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