Executive Change: John Schanck, Owner/Chairman of Stellar Recovery, Inc. Announces New President

Michelle Yates has been named President of Stellar Recovery, Inc. taking over the duties Keith Jones has held over the last 18 months.  Keith has worn two hats for the past two years as President and Chief Marketing Officer and will now devote 100% of his time to sales and marketing.  Keith commented, “With all the initiatives we are putting in place we need full time attention to each department in Jacksonville and Kalispell.  Michelle will give us that focus and allow me to spend more time with current clients and entering new verticals of business.”

As a Senior Executive Michelle draws upon 20+ years of diverse business and technology expertise working in verticals including Finance, Insurance and Technology helping to strategically drive business decisions to ensure growth across the company while creating efficiencies and cost reductions.  Michelle has launched new companies and brought them to market as well as helped grow established brands.

Before joining Stellar Recovery Michelle was with an eBureau company called TruSignal where she sat on the Executive team and managed a national sales team.  Michelle was instrumental in developing their go-to-market strategy and positioning in the marketplace.  While at TruSignal Michelle developed multiple new revenue streams and closed the company’s largest client for $3MM+.

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