Debt Collectors Flooded with Mass-Produced Requests for Validation

John Rossman,
Moss & Barnett

Debt collectors routinely receive requests for validation from consumers.  The FDCPA provides specific guidelines and requirements for how consumers may request validation and the method in which a debt collector must respond.  Recently, a small number of entities began issuing thousands of form requests for validation to collection agencies on behalf of consumers in an apparent attempt to force debt collectors to close accounts rather than provide validation.  Questions have arisen as to how debt collectors should respond to the massive volume of form requests for validation and whether these form requests raise issues of consumer protection that should be reviewed by regulators.

In this episode of the Debt Collection Drill podcast, attorneys John Rossman and Mike Poncin discuss the recent challenges with volume form requests for validation and discuss strategies for responding in accordance with the FDCPA, along with the nuances of New York and Texas law that may affect how agencies respond.

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