LocateSmarter Integrates with WebRecon to Offer Litigious Consumer Products

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – Today, data companies LocateSmarter and WebRecon announced a partnership making WebRecon’s litigious consumer products available to LocateSmarter customers in just a few simple clicks of a computer mouse.

WebRecon’s products, The Litigant Alert and Litigious Consumer Phone Scrub, identify consumers who have filed lawsuits under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act and other regulations. The litigious phone scrub product also flags phone numbers that are associated with law offices or debt settlement companies.

Jack Gordon, CEO of WebRecon, explained, “Individuals who have filed lawsuits in the past pose greater risk to companies doing collections work. Our product, in combination with LocateSmarter’s products, will help customers to better manage and mitigate risk while directing their collection efforts appropriately.”

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