BFrame Announces Additional Analytical Tools

DULUTH, Ga. — BFrame Data Systems today announced the release of BFrame Portal and BFrame Business Intelligence Dashboard. Both applications are entirely web-based and mobile responsive so they are usable on everything from a desktop to a smart phone.

BFrame Portal is an easy-to-use, point and click web application for obtaining individual account information, including demographics, balances, payment history and collection notes. BFrame clients can provide BFrame Portal access to their customers, who can use the Portal to review their placed accounts from any web browser on any device. Unlike other portals, BFrame Portal pulls data from the production database in real time, resulting in up-to-the-second results and without the extra effort of dealing with extracts. The site features filter boxes so clients can quickly drill down on the exact account they are looking for and click through for additional detail on balances, co-signors and debts.

The Portal also contains other features that both agencies and clients will find very helpful. On the accounts listing page, a user can refine the set of accounts by using the versatile filter boxes and then export the account details information into an Excel spreadsheet making it easy to perform additional analytics and reporting. Also, when on the account details page, a user can easily generate a PDF of the account information just by clicking the create PDF icon on the page.

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