PDCflow Announces Free e-SignatureFlow Service for Payment Authorizations

Matthew Snedden, COO of PDCflow, an industry leader in payment processing technologies, announced today their innovative e-SignatureFlow service is free in conjunction with PaymentFlow Services. PDCflow’s e-signature solution has been an industry disrupter, helping agencies stay compliant with Regulation E and NACHA regulations and reducing chargebacks. The ultimate goal of offering e-SignatureFlow free is to provide PDCflow users a streamlined way to stay compliant with their payments as well as reducing chargebacks.

PDCflow provides cutting edge technology with their web based e-signature solution. They have been in the payment processing industry since 2005, providing integrated solutions for collection agencies, law offices, and financial institutions. PDCflow’s move into the e-signature arena was motivated by looking to provide a solution to their clients’ needs as the CFPB started monitoring the collections industry and enforcing compliance.

“We want everyone to be able to maintain compliance, obtain legal “wet” signatures on preauthorized transactions without the additional cost,” said Snedden. PDCflow now offers this to all PDCflow customers at no added cost to them.  Utilizing e-SignatureFlow, PDCflow users can quickly allow a signature request to be sent by text or email, attached with a payment or as a stand alone document, promoting a more efficient workflow. Snedden also commented, “PDCflow really wanted to help close the gap between a promised payment and an actual payment, so increasing the efficiency within the workflow was a must. Our developers hit the nail on the head with our e-signature service’s efficiency, oftentimes returning authorizations and signatures in under a minute.” PDCflow’s signature service is easy to use, secure, and compliant.

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