CFPB Consumer Response Clarifies Definition of Duplicate Complaint, and Other Updates

Today the CFPB released an updated version of its Consumer Response Company Portal Manual. The accompanying note explains that the new manual clarifies and updates several items:

On February 23, 2016 the CFPB also posted a note saying that the Consumer Complaint Database was expanded to include two new fields.  One indicates whether the consumer consented to publication of their scrubbed complaint narrative. The other provides a tag indicating whether the complaint was submitted by or for a servicemember and/or older American.

Complaints have a tag of ‘servicemember’ if the complaint was submitted by or on behalf of a servicemember, or the spouse or dependent of a servicemember. (Servicemember includes anyone who is active duty, National Guard, or Reservist, as well as anyone who previously served and is a Veteran or retiree.)

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