Executive Changes: BillingTree 2015 Success Sparks Exec Team Advancements to Parlay Growth into 2016

Phoenix, Ariz. – BillingTree®, a leading payment solutions provider, experienced strong growth during its first full year of operations under CEO Edz Sturans. The company continued its expansion as a developer of software and technology plus merchant services provider within key industries including ARM, Personal Finance and Healthcare collections. Total payment processing volume exceeded $2 billion for the year, a 45% increase over 2014 and driven in part by the launch of the company’s Payrazr® payment solution suite.

In recognition of the leadership contributions to BillingTree during this highly successful 2015, a number of Executive Committee promotions have been announced:

BillingTree successfully launched and experienced strong customer adoption of its Payrazr payment solution Suite in 2015. Payrazr is a collection of best in breed and in-house developed payment solutions that serve customers ‘card not present’ payment needs; offering multiple payment channel options and helping ensure payment compliance in the heavily-regulated payments industry. The company also unveiled a complete branding refresh, including a redesigned logo, a revamped website and the adoption of the tagline “Growing Payments with Technology”.

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