Canadian Collection Agency Association Changes its Name

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Society of Collection Agencies (“OSCA”) is pleased to announce our initiative to extend our association on a national scale. Effective January 1, 2016, our association will change its name to the Canadian Society of Collection Agencies (“CSCA”) to better align the association with our future strategy.

Since 1964, OSCA has served as a non-profit trade organization representing the voice of the collection industry on behalf of credit and collection companies in Ontario. The newly branded CSCA already represents over 60 accounts receivable management firms employing over 4800 licensed collectors in Ontario alone. The CSCA will continue to act as the voice of the collections industry in Canada.

Becoming a member and participating in the organization will become the new standard for accreditation for many organizations that deal with debt recovery firms. Leveraging our 52 year history, the main objectives of the association are to:

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