LocateSmarter Launches New Batch Phone Append Product, Movali

LocateSmarter, an online data delivery platform, announced the launch of their new phone append product, Movali.

LocateSmarter Co-Founder and President, Chad Benson stated, “From the start of LocateSmarter, our team has sought to solve specific challenges existing in the accounts receivable management space.” Benson added, “For a while now, there has been an overwhelming interest to reduce wrong numbers due to consumer complaints, fines and lawsuits. Our phone append product, Movali, proactively addresses this growing concern by making compliance and data quality our number one priority.”

Movali leverages its patented online platform to provide its customers with access to top-performing data sources.  Significant testing is performed with each data partner to achieve optimal match logic. By undergoing rigorous testing and utilizing third parties for scoring and disposition data, the company ensures they receive the highest quality phone output.

In addition to quality testing, the data sources must also achieve specific file processing times and meet data and physical security requirements before becoming an approved Movali data partner.

Benson further explained, “Our approach with Movali is different than the rest of the industry. We don’t attempt to return an excessive amount of data; we simply focus on the best phone numbers available in the market. Movali will better aid our clients to reduce bad phone numbers, resulting in increased regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.”

Clients like Diversified Consultants, Inc (DCI) are already experiencing the benefits of using this new product.

DCI’s COO/CMO Gordon Beck mentioned, “Movali recently outperformed several top data providers during our champion challenger including one of our existing, long-time vendors.” Beck continued, “Experiencing how committed LocateSmarter is to data quality and innovation, I’ve decided to establish a partnership with LocateSmarter to give my agency the best chance to continue to deliver top results for my clients in a very competitive environment.”

Benson added that this is just the beginning for Movali. LocateSmarter will be announcing additional product information later this summer that will “take data to a whole new level.”

For more information on LocateSmarter’s newest phone append product or for partnership opportunities, please call 888-254-5501 or visit www.locatesmarter.com. 

About LocateSmarter™

LocateSmarter, LLC., a subsidiary of CBE Companies, was formed in 2012 with a mission to deliver next generation, cloud-based skip trace solutions for accounts receivable management and collection purposes. The company developed an online application focused on providing quality consumer data.

LocateSmarter’s key values include:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance and operational efficiency by focusing on data quality
  • Providing measurable data so businesses can make educated decisions about their skip tracing strategies
  • Streamlining the data testing and onboarding process with a patented online platform

Interested data partners are advised to contact LocateSmarter at 866-912-1314 or info@locatesmarter.com.