Nine Strategies that Leverage Technology for More Effective Skip-Tracing

Jason Horsley

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “work smarter, not harder.” In today’s environment you need to do both to grow your business. Utilizing skip trace technology is a business-growth engine because it takes care of “easy” day-to-day activities like phone number identification and change of address, while at the same time working harder to solve overarching skip trace challenges like optimizing allocation of resources.

You want to stay relevant to your customers so that your business grows despite the jungle of compliance regulations that you wade through every day. That’s not easy to do because of the fast-paced, ever-changing and highly-competitive nature of today’s environment for the collections industry. Growing your business, while mitigating compliance risk is a top priority, and skip-tracing is an important element that can help. Below are nine best practices for effective skip-tracing efforts that you should begin implementing now.

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