Kinum, Inc. Announces Steven Myren as President of Sales

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - The team at Kinum is pleased to announce that they’ve named Steven Myren as President of Sales.

Kinum is an industry preferred debt collection agency that offers expedited debt recovery results by emphasizing stellar accounts receivables services. Bringing Myren in as President of Sales will provide leadership to Kinum’s growth and align its national marketing and customer service teams, also allowing for a unified focus on the overall client experience.

Myren has 27 years of accounts receivable management experience and has served as an account representative, district manager, region director, vice president, and consultant throughout his career. Myren is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Morris and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Economics. Myren is a member of the Indianapolis Rotary Club and lives in Indianapolis, IN, with his wife of 24 years and four children.

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