Consumer Litigation “Continues to Evolve in Lurches”: Your October Debt Collection Stats

“Everything is broken.” So starts Jack Gordon’s report on October’s debt industry statistics. And he’s not wrong. But this all also shouldn’t be any surprise.

Consumer litigation against debt collectors took a bump in October — and this is across all the Big Statutes: FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA.

FDCPA suits “unexpectedly [caught] fire this year, up more than 1200 suits (+14.5%) over this time in 2014,” according to Gordon. FCRA suits “works out to a dramatic +39% increase over this time last year,” and “TCPA’s YTD numbers have recovered due to the combination of a strong October and a weak few months at the end of 2014. Now up almost 200 suits (+8.7%) over this time last year, TCPA seems to have avoided the likelihood of a decline.”

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