Executive Change: EFT Network, Inc. Names Bonnie Finley Chief Sales Officer

Hawthorne, NY – EFT Network, Inc. is very proud to announce and welcome back Ms. Bonnie Finley as the company’s Chief Sales Officer. In this role, Bonnie will be responsible for leadership in sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications, pricing, market research, and customer service.

In the face of a constantly evolving regulatory environment, new payment processing applications being developed by EFT Network precipitated Bonnie’s return to the company. Primary among these initiatives is TxtaChecktm, EFT Network’s groundbreaking and innovative technology that enables payments via a mobile device (smart phone or tablet), not as an ACH item; but rather as a true signed paper check, cleared and processed via Check 21.

“Today’s payments and collection industries are undergoing an unprecedented and dynamic level of regulatory oversight, forcing merchants and collection organizations to devote endless resources towards compliance,” Bonnie noted. “In developing TxtaChecktm, EFT Network has demonstrated its commitment to delivering payments applications that help its clients stay ahead of the compliance curve.” Bonnie added, “These applications create natural synergies with collections agencies and merchants of all kinds, ensuring that they have compliant payment processes in place – before – not after the regulatory changes occur.”

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