LocateSmarter Determined to Change the Data Industry with New Product

CEDAR FALLS, IA – Today, data company LocateSmarter announced the launch of Movali 2.0, a phone append product. Movali 2.0 allows customers to create custom phone append products in real-time by choosing from a list of available data sources. The customer is provided with metrics on each data source’s hit rate, phone type, priority score and processing time.

This news comes just months after the company’s first announcement of Movali.

LocateSmarter President Chad Benson explained, “With our first Movali product release, we created a phone append product focused on data quality and reducing excess bad data. We worked with our data sources to tighten up the logic used to determine matches and in doing so, we were able to compete with leading data providers and win champion challenger tests. With Movali 2.0, we’ve expanded our data sources and added the ability to customize around each source. We’re introducing a disruptive approach to the market that empowers our customers.”

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