Launches Real Estate Batch Search Capability

Kansas City, MO –, the newest player in the real estate ownership data category, has announced the arrival of batch searching. went live on September 15 and has been revising and implementing new features nearly every day since. After the first five weeks, the data set and integration is near complete and batch searching, the most important tool of all for the collection industry, has been launched.

The batch search input spreadsheet template can be downloaded right from the site. Simply input your names, addresses and/or APN numbers, upload the spreadsheet directly to the site and get it back within hours. You will receive an email notification upon completion. Information returned includes owner name, address, tax value and more. Parceldocs offers a fully automated process with the quickest turnaround times and lowest prices in the industry.

“Batch searching is so important when you have hundreds or thousands of accounts”, said Peter Duffey, Director of Operations. “The man hours to do database searches for each individual account can quickly add up and as any agency owner knows, their collectors’ time is best spent on the phone. With Parceldocs, you can search through your entire portfolio for pennies per account in a matter of hours.”

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