Ontario Systems Introduces New Collection Restriction Feature Set to Artiva RM Product

Ontario Systems, a leading accounts receivable technology and services provider, announced it has introduced new patent-pending Collection Restriction functionality to its Artiva RM™ software, aimed at assisting compliance officers, managers and administrators who handle a complex hierarchy of federal/CFPB, State/Province, local and client restrictions. The enhancements will come packaged with the Artiva RM software’s most-updated versions.

“Managing the almost-bewildering number of restrictions from every regulatory body in our industry relies on updating business processes as those restrictions change, while applying them situationally based on account and consumer attributes, time of day and historical activity,” says Amy Kennedy, Senior Product Director with Ontario Systems. “Handling it all efficiently from one administration area is a real challenge. This feature set provides a centralized location for compliance officers, managers and administrators to apply restrictions within their collection platforms. It also enables the ability to apply the most conservative of the restrictions, from all applicable categories and criteria – not necessarily the first, the last or the clients’.”

Kennedy and her team worked closely with former ACA CEO, and current Ontario Systems Chief Compliance Officer, Rozanne Andersen and her client groups to inform their comprehensive approach and the software’s auditor-targeted capabilities. The team plans to roll the functionality out for additional collection activities including letters, email, furnishing data to credit reporting agencies and more in the future. While the enhancements are available only to Artiva RM software users this year, Kennedy says it will be available for FACS product users,
the flagship Ontario Systems collection platform, in 2016.

“This release highlights our product team’s ability to continue delivering groundbreaking technology that creates real progress in both the ARM and healthcare industries,” says Ron Fauquher, Ontario Systems co-founder and CEO. “Our software is developed with and for our customers. It’s through their input and guidance that we continue to achieve milestones like these. And it’s through their support that our company continues to lead the way in enabling profitable compliance for receivables operations throughout the country. We’re excited to see where the industry takes us next.”

More details about the new Collection Restrictions enhancement will be laid out at PowerUp 2015, the Ontario Systems collection education and training event, October 7-9 in Indianapolis. Information about PowerUp 2015 is available at powerup.ontariosystems.com.

About Ontario Systems

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