Will Offer Flat-Rate Unlimited Searches

Kansas City, MO – Firms in the legal, collection and investigative industries will soon have a fast, easy and cost-effective way to search for real estate data online. plans go live beginning on September 15, 2015, allowing members to search nationwide for property ownership by name or address. Documents related to the properties, such as deeds, financial documents and voluntary liens, will also be available to purchase online and will be delivered immediately via PDF.

“What used to be a cumbersome, time-consuming process can be done in just a few steps at,” said Peter Duffey, Director of Operations. “There will be no need to search multiple county websites or pay for searches that may or may not yield the results you need.”

In the past, industry professionals had to spend time determining which county the address is in, locating that county’s website, and accessing the correct department for the records needed. Those records may not even be online, thus requiring a phone call or in-person visit to the county courthouse.

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