Things to Do While Waiting for the FCC’s TCPA Language

We’re coming up on two weeks since the FTC held its hearing on a proposed Declaratory Ruling and Order on the TCPA. You remember, right? The Committee members gave testimony, interspersing scenes from their favorite movies (this actually happened). Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel unburdened her soul of the hate she feels for Julie from Cardmember Services. Ultimately, the FCC’s commissioners voted, three to two, in favor of stricter interpretations of the TCPA.

You may remember all this. The FCC, it seems, has momentarily forgotten because, as I said, it’s been nearly two weeks and we still have nothing official from the FCC on this ruling. (We do have rumor and innuendo suggesting that something may come out tomorrow, 1 July. But again: rumor, innuendo — you can’t build news out of that.)

So, while we wait for the FCC, here are some things you can do instead.

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