TEC Services Group Focuses on American Families During Christmas

Sarasota, FL – TEC Services Group, Inc. announced today it has donated more than $5,000 to help adults and children around the United States who are living in poverty. This charitable donation will provide the essential daily necessities to feed and clothe families, and provide gifts for underprivileged children. TEC’s donation will also help break the cycle of poverty by supporting education for children.

“Our hearts go out to all individuals living in poverty,” said Tom Sweat, President of TEC Services Group. “We are honored to support the good work being done by World Vision, and are filled with joy in knowing this contribution will aid in transforming the lives of families living in poverty and despair.”

With a strong commitment to continue annual donations through World Vision, TEC is able to provide long-term results for those living in poverty-stricken areas. If you or anyone you know would like to donate to World Vision, please see below for more information. Your thoughtful donation will help change the lives of individuals in need.

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