Another Debt Collection Envelope Decision Goes Against An ARM Firm

In a decision filed on July 22, 2015, the US District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania in the case of Lisa Kostik v. ARS National Services, Inc., a new chapter is being written in the saga of what information can be displayed on the outside of an envelope a collector mails to a consumer.

There has been a fair amount of legal activity in recent years surrounding information on debt collection envelopes, including whether a company can even display its name if it reveals in any way that the sender is a debt collector.

In this March 2015 post on insideARM Tomio Narita, partner in the law firm Simmonds & Narita, summarized multiple cases and noted that some courts have recognized that a strict application of section 1692f(8) may lead to absurd results, and some courts have held that “benign language” on an envelope does not violate the FDCPA.

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