SDB/HUBZone Firm to Offer Training Services to PCAs

Buffalo, NY – Pulcher World Management, LLC (PWM), a small disadvantaged and Federal HUBZone certified small business located in Western New York, today announced it will offer training services to help Private Collection Agencies (PCAs) serving Federal clients to reduce the amount of core collection subcontracting those PCAs must do in order to adhere to subcontracting goals on Federal task orders.

In a solicitation released last Friday, the U.S. Department of Education expressed a goal that 31% of all revenue be earmarked to small businesses, which represent 99% of all businesses operating in the U.S..

“Every dollar a PCA spends on products and services other than core collection services in areas necessary to support a Federal task order is a dollar they do not have to outsource by placing additional borrower accounts with subcontractors,” said James Cunningham, President.  “We are pleased to offer this service to PCAs in addition to core collection services.”

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