Compliance and Quality Audits

Alicia McKeighan,
Afni, Inc.

“Hello. This call may be recorded.”  This is a standard statement for any conversation a consumer has with a business, but why? There are several reasons for call recordings, but most of them are rooted in evaluation of the quality of the call. American consumers have a high expectation for customer service communications; that includes debt collection. Collection agencies must carefully consider their representation of the client brand in communications with consumers. Therefore, agencies have to be mindful of the quality of the call in relation to client expectations, while also considering operational expectations and compliance expectations. So, how do you approach auditing for all of this?

There certainly isn’t just one correct answer. One suggested approach is to create a combined quality and compliance form upon which a call audit can be performed. It can operate in such a way that a Compliance Auditor identifies calls, completes his portion of the assessment, and then notifies the operational department to complete the quality portion of the assessment, or vice versa.  That is teamwork at its finest! Feedback on the call is provided on all expectations. It also offers the agent perspective on how expectations blend and drive the overall quality of the call.

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