The CMI Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago on September 8th, 1985, The CMI Group was born in Ft. Lee, New Jersey! Founded by three partners, Arthur Shulman, Bruce Martin and Tom Stockton, CMI was committed to excellence and integrity from the very first day. The company has come a long way over the last thirty years; but has never lost its focus on excellence and integrity.

CMI began as a response to an under-served cable television market. The three partners had extensive experience in market segment and decided to establish a niche upon which to build a solid company.

In 1990, CMI moved to Dallas, Texas, hoping to grow and that’s what they did. That growth has taken them from sixteen employees in 1990 to eight hundred employees today. In 1999, two of the three founders, Arthur Shulman and Bruce Martin, retired from the business and Tom Stockton became the sole owner. Tom now serves as CMI’s Chief Executive Officer and, in 2011, he sold the business to the CMI employees by initiating a 100% ESOP.

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