Stay Ahead Of The Curve

I recently read an excellent article by Kenneth Mikkelsen and Harold Jarche about the need for leaders to stay ahead of the markets they serve. The article begins with a story about racecar driver Juan Manuel Fangio famously slowing down before entering a blind turn in the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix, a move that was “counterintuitive for a racing driver exiting a corner — but one that likely saved his life.” By slowing down he avoided a major car wreck just beyond the turn.

How did Fangio know danger lurked beyond the blind turn?  The article says that Fangio saw a photograph of a similar accident in a previous race.  As he approached the turn, he “noticed something about the crowd – an unusual color. Fangio realized that instead of seeing their faces, he was seeing the backs of their heads.” He slowed down because he thought the spectators must have been looking at something ahead in his path. This was an instinctive reaction by an experienced driver; however, if he wasn’t, prepared he might not have been able to react.

How are you staying ahead of the curve in your market?  As the article points out, an informed perspective is more important than ever. I strongly agree. In the U.S ARM industry, change is constantly upon us.  From abrupt client reactions to new regulatory adjustments and fluctuating economic conditions, the only certainty in our industry is uncertainty.

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