Stellar Recovery Announces Cutting-Edge Risk Management And Compliance Model

John G. Schanck, Chairman of Stellar Recovery, Inc. is pleased to announce the development and implementation of a cutting-edge risk management and compliance model, new to the industry. Stellar Recovery has contracted with a Florida law firm, the Assurance Law Group, which will be dedicated exclusively to serving the legal needs of Stellar Recovery, Inc. Together, Stellar Recovery and Assurance conducted an exhaustive analysis of historical risk trends, emerging legislative and regulatory environments, industry litigation challenges, and, more importantly, Stellar Recovery’s clients’ concerns and service expectations in the Accounts Receivable and Debt arena. The result is a relationship designed from the ground up to manage risk specific to Stellar Recovery, and with Assurance in fluid interaction with Stellar Recovery Operations.

Recognizing that highly regulated industries are frequently the target of opportunistic litigation, Stellar Recovery adopts a proactive rather than reactive strategic risk model. This business model combines the advantages of in-house legal services with those of the traditional outside law firm relationship. It is a risk management and legal model proven successful in multiple other industries for over 20 years, now modified to meet Stellar Recovery’s needs.

In addition to Assurance defending Stellar Recovery in all matters of litigation, every Stellar Recovery client will know that Stellar Recovery, through its relationship with Assurance, is and will remain at the forefront of regulatory compliance.  Every risk exposure will be steadily analyzed and loss matrixes created to identify favorable procedural changes to better serve all client levels. The strategic reduction of risk-related expenses will benefit not only Stellar Recovery, but will also comfort all Stellar Recovery clients with the knowledge that accounts placed with Stellar Recovery will be managed with heightened emphasis on insulating the client from legal risk.

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