Stephanie Eidelman Receives The NARCA 2015 Donald Kramer Award

Washington, DC – NARCA, The National Creditors Bar Association™, announced that Stephanie Eidelman is the recipient of NARCA’s 2015 Donald Kramer Award. The announcement was made at the NARCA 2015 Fall Collection Conference held in Washington, DC. The Donald Kramer Award, named in honor of NARCA founder Don Kramer, is presented to “someone whose efforts have made a substantial and lasting impact for the benefit of the credit and legal collection community.”

“Stephanie Eidelman has a long and successful history of improving the field of creditors rights law and the debt collection industry for many years,” explained NARCA Executive Director, Mark Dobosz. As CEO of the iA Institute, and the publisher of, Stephanie has helped to increase and expand the awareness of the issues facing the industries represented in the credit eco-system. Beginning with the launch of a “Larger Market Participant Summit” in 2012, Stephanie has set about building a platform for larger collection agencies to actively engage, become aligned, and take action in ways they hadn’t previously utilized. This led to the founding of the Consumer Relations Consortium, which is a membership group for larger firms that wish to have a direct voice in interactions with consumer groups and regulators. The Compliance Professionals Forum was created next, with the idea of matching compliance professionals at all levels with a peer group for candid discussion of common challenges in a safe environment.

Anyone who knows Stephanie will immediately tell you that her passion is in the industry and the details she is able to bring to the table through her media savvy – also, she loves a clean desk, a well-labeled closet, an elegant process, and a useful spreadsheet.

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