Stellar Recovery Deploys Revolutionary Predictive Modeling Technology for Big Return on Investment

Since 1977 John Schanck, Chairman of Stellar Recovery, has been in the debt recovery business and has seen just about every technological advance in the industry. From automated collection systems to auto-dialers to emailing, the application of technology has proliferated through the $14 billion a year industry. But it was only after reading an article about “big data” that he realized that the data that Stellar Recovery has collected over the years could be used to revolutionize his business.

“The article talked about how machine learning could identify patterns that were predictive in very large data sets,” said Schanck. “I realized that if there ever were patterns in a data set, that the recovery business would have it, and from there I knew we could complete virtual collections through automation.”

Stellar Recovery did not have to look far to find a company with the solution. NLP Logix, which is headquartered not only in the same city of Jacksonville, Florida but in the same business park located just south of the downtown, has been offering a suite of machine learning products and solutions for over four years.

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