Consumer Relations Consortium Welcomes Frost-Arnett and General Service Bureau

The Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) today announced the addition of two new member companies, The Frost-Arnett Company and General Service Bureau, Inc./Early Out Services, Inc.

The CRC is a membership group for larger market participants in the debt collection industry (defined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as those firms with $10M or more in annual revenue from collection activity). The fundamental mission of the CRC is to approach industry and regulatory change by building relationships and engaging in meaningful dialogue with consumer advocacy groups and regulators.

Since its founding in September 2013, CRC members have been meeting repeatedly with consumer groups and regulators to discuss the details of the thorniest issues raised in the CFPB’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking as well as state rulemaking activities. Both consumer advocates and regulators have commented on the surprisingly candid and collaborative nature of CRC representatives during these extended small group sessions, which have been productive and eye-opening for all involved.

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