Graduation: ARM-U 2015 Highlights Need for Regulatory Clarity

ARM-U 2014This is an industry hungry for insight into operations and compliance. Regulatory goalposts shift, disappear, or re-appear without warning. Information that seemed clear one day can turn muddled and confusing as soon as you try to explain it to your collectors or upper management. It has never been more apparent, the great need for educational programs that level the playing field for all involved.

On Wednesday, insideARM launched its 2015 ARM-U program: two days, six webinars, that focuses specifically on compliance and operations questions the ARM industry struggles with continually. We were able to offer this program entirely free, and online, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, BillingTree and LexisNexis.

Turnout was amazing: over 600 industry professionals — from first- and third-party collectors, to creditors, to collection attorneys, to debt buyers — making time in their day to listen to presentations from a variety of experts: John Bedard on the challenges and safe harbors of Regulation E; Terri Haley and Tim Bauer of the iA Institute on the best practices in vendor oversigh/management; and Ballard Spahr, giving some much needed clarity and a detailed walk-through of what a CFPB investigation will entail.

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